We don't settle.

We at Eight Moons know there is a lot of confusion and questions about hemp oil extract. We get it. If that sounds like you, we want you to know that you are certainly not alone. We also had many of the same reservations and concerns that a lot of you might still have today.

The more we read and investigated, the more it became clear that hemp extract did, at least for us, live up to most of its hype–and it met all of our personal requirements of being a natural, holistic and non harmful therapy for many different conditions. The only problem was navigating what seemed to be a never ending maze of mis-information, false claims and our own discovery of downright misleading products made with vague and questionable ingredients with hard to read and understand labels. To make matters even worse, it seemed that the more we researched and read, the more questions seemed to arise. The problem was very clear and there was only one solution.

Know the source. Do the research. Talk to the suppliers. Talk to the manufacturers. Ask the questions. Conduct the due diligence.

That single quest was what inspired Eight Moons. Very early into our research, it became very clear that most people don’t have the kind of time and energy that it takes to find the perfect combination of quality, potency and effectiveness in a product. Not to mention that many people might be suffering and not have that kind of time or patience.

So, we decided that we wanted to share all of the knowledge that we gained; the culmination of nearly a year of research to find the finest and purest source of broad spectrum hemp extract, with hemp that is organically grown in the USA and processed with no harsh chemicals and with all traces of THC removed, and offer it to help others who might be looking for the same.

Our mission and aim is, and always will be, to spread wellness and positivity through Eight Moons while never forgetting that behind each and every order of Eight Moons hemp extract products is a real, living, breathing person who is not only seeking help and relief but also some piece of mind that they have found the very best hemp extract for themselves, their families, their pets and their friends.

From all of us here at Eight Moons, we send you wishes for good health, peace and happiness.

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